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Evening Post: August 12, 1899.
"She immediately alighted, caught hold of the astonished youth, and gave him a sound thrashing, using her fists in a scientific fashion…”

I would love to know what this means.

I think that might be code for “punched him in the balls with devastating accuracy”.

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Debbie Harry, 1970s

by Rikki Ercoli

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Wow wow wow. 

I’ll just leave this here.

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Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara / The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

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Author Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) recounts a bloody memory of MythBuster’s Adam Savage, and Adam puts Gollum on the phone for a performance of “I Will Survive” at Minnesota Public Radio’s Wits.

If you haven’t seen this, you should see this. It will cheer you up, if you need cheering up.

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Incredible Currency Collages

Artist Mark Wagner has proven he can create any scene using only single dollar bills. His latest series, titled Currency Collages, involves cutting up single dollar bills to produce these incredibly detailed compositions. Using the currency as his medium, the American artist has a great talent for visualizing new images with the shades of gray and green, George Washington’s portrait, and the patterns of numbers across the surface.

This recent work includes a variety of humorous scenes in which Washington is fighting a dinosaur, and mowing the lawn. With the simple color palette and the limited variety of imagery to work with, Wagner is still able to produce amazing landscapes and scenes that most of us could never imagine emerging from a single dollar bill. He says, “Blade and glue transform it-reproducing the effects of tapestries, paints, engravings, mosaics, and computers—striving for something bizarre, beautiful, or unbelievable… the foreign in the familiar.”

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I want to get across that bisexuality isn’t just a transitional state from being straight to gay, or that, you know, you just help out when the homosexuals are all busy.

Alan Cumming on NPR

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